Providing Comprehensive Home Inspection Services

Peace of mind comes from knowing that the investment you are making with your real estate purchase is a sound one. Spotting potential problems, addressing existing ones and having the experience to know what to look for, helps home buyers to feel confident in their purchase.


"Paul did a wonderful inspection for us.  He found the roof had failed, the heating system was unsafe to operate and the electric panel was defective and this model is known to start fires.  These were just the major items Paul found.  His report was very detailed using color pictures with captions and arrows to point out the problems.   We were able to negotiate with the owner of the house to have these unsafe conditions corrected.  We saved literally thousands of dollars.  We've highly recommend Paul to all our Friends and Family and anyone who wants a quality home inspection."

Tom & Tiffany Russo

As an experienced and Licensed Home Inspector, Paul Doel makes it his top priority to provide each and every client with the most detailed property report possible. It is only then that the home buyer can make an informed decision about the condition of the home they wish to purchase.


With a fully witten narrative style report, Paul describes every aspect of the home, complete with digital photos detailing problem areas, arrow highlights within the photos provide exact location of the problem area, so nothing is overlooked. It has always been the goal of Paul Doel Home Inspections to surpass the expectations of our clients. Our longevity in this highly competitive industry is proof that clients appreciate the comprehensive approach to home inspections that is taken when you hire us.


If you are in the process of purchasing a home or investment property, contact us for the most thorough inspection service available today. We realize that in today's market, real estate transactions can be time sensitive. At Paul Doel Home Inspections we will work with you to complete the inspection and provide our report as quick as you need it done. Contact us today.